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Private Exchange

Control your health care costs and offer your employees more plan choices

Offering health insurance plans to your employees can be a lot of work. With rising costs, government requirements and employee questions, there’s so much to manage. And one-size-fits-all plans don't work for everyone. That’s where we can help.

Our private exchange, CoverageForCompanies®, is like an online health benefits store. You set an amount to contribute to your employees' health coverage and select a group of plans for them to choose from. Your employees go online and shop for a plan that works best for them.

Set a health care budget and give your employees the options and support they need to choose a plan that's right for them. They'll get the coverage they want and you'll save money. Contact your Blue Cross sales representative or agent for more information.

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Coverage for Companies is our private exchange for companies with up to 50 employees. Your employees can shop, compare and enroll online.