2017 Michigan Dental and Vision Plans

Complete your health care coverage with these plans. Choose from dental insurance plans for all ages, and plans that include adult vision care.

Dental Plans 


Blue DentalSM PPO Pediatric

Blue Dental PPO Pediatric offers dental coverage for members 18 and younger.

Blue DentalSM EPO Standard

Get affordable dental coverage with this EPO plan. You'll save money when you get care from dentists within this plan's network.

Blue DentalSM PPO Standard

See any licensed Michigan dentist, in- or out-of-network, when you sign up for this plan.

Blue DentalSM PPO Plus Standard

See in- or out-of-network dentists for the same coinsurance with this plan.

Blue DentalSM PPO Extra

Preventive care in Michigan is covered at 100 percent with this PPO plan.



Blue Cross® Vision for Adults

Complete your health coverage with a plan that covers eye exams, glasses and contacts for you and your family.

Dental and Vision Plans 


Blue DentalSM EPO Standard with Vision

Get dental coverage for families and vision coverage for adults. Costs stay low when you visit providers within this plan's vision and dental networks.

Blue DentalSM PPO Standard with Vision

Eye exams can cost you as little as $10 with this plan, and you’ll get the same complete dental coverage as with the PPO Standard plan.

Blue DentalSM PPO Plus Standard with Vision

Blue Dental PPO Plus Standard with Vision offers coverage for in- or out-of-network dentists, plus adult eye exams and more.

Blue DentalSM PPO Extra with Vision

This plan covers 100 percent of the cost for preventive care at a preferred network dentist. You’ll also pay the least for services like fillings compared to our other plans.