2022 Part D
Prescription Drug Plans

Protect yourself from higher costs at the pharmacy

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For 2022, Blue Cross PDP received 4 out of 5 stars.

Find a plan that fits your prescription needs

Not all Medicare plans have prescription drug coverage. That’s where the value of a Blue Cross Part D plan comes in. You can pair a Part D plan with Original Medicare, a Medicare supplement plan or a group Medicare plan that doesn’t have drug coverage.



What kind of coverage do you need?

Our Part D plans have low copays for many drugs and discounts that help you through the coverage gap. These plan options can help you save money at the pharmacy and stay healthy.


Ready to choose a plan?

To compare plans, your ZIP code starts the process. That will show your options so you can choose the plan that’s right for you.


Looking for other plan options? View our Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement plans

We offer Medicare supplement plans, also known as Medigap plans, that you can pair with your Part D prescription drug plan. If you'd rather have all-in-one coverage, check out our Medicare Advantage plans.


Enjoy comprehensive benefits

With these plans, you'll get a wide array of benefits and access to top doctors and hospitals at a more affordable cost.

Get stand-alone coverage

If Original Medicare doesn’t fully cover your needs, one of our supplement plans might be what you’re looking for.

Still have questions? We have answers.

Use our Frequently Asked Questions to learn which plan will fit your needs.

Drug pricing information on this website is intended as an educational tool and is not a promise as to the price we will offer in the future. For a variety of reasons (e.g., because you visit an out-of-network pharmacy), actual pricing may vary.