How can I get my prescription filled when traveling?

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Learn more about prescription drug and pharmacy coverage.

If you're traveling and need to get a prescription filled, this will tell you whether we'll cover it and which pharmacies you can use.

No matter how well you plan for a trip away from home, you never know when you’ll need to get a prescription filled.

Maybe you forgot to pack an important medicine. Or you went to the emergency room and the doctor wrote you a prescription. There are ways to get your prescription filled when you’re outside Michigan.

In the U.S.

If you’re in the U.S., you can use any pharmacy in the Express Scripts network. Most chain pharmacies are in the Express Scripts network, so those are your best bet. But if you have to go to an independent pharmacy, show them your Blues ID card and ask if you’re covered. This is probably a good idea when you go to a chain pharmacy, too.

Outside the U.S.

If you’re traveling out of the country, it’s important to plan ahead and bring enough medication to last until you come home. We don't cover prescription drugs you get at pharmacies outside the U.S.